January 28, 2016 microbiology test banks

microbiology test banks

Microbiology as a science was born in 1674 when Antony van Leeuwenhoek, an inquisitive Dutch fabric merchant, looked at a drop of lake water through a glass lens he had carefully made. For several centuries it was known that curved glass would magnify objects, but the skilled hands of a craftsman and his questioning mind uncovered an entirely new part of our world. What he observed through his simple magnifying glass was a startling and amazing sight—the world of microbes. As van Leeuwenhoek wrote in a letter to the Royal Society of London, he saw Very many little animalcules, whereof some were roundish, while others a bit bigger consisted of an oval. On these last, I saw two little legs near the head, and two little fins at the hind most end of the body. Others were somewhat longer than an oval, and these were very slow a­moving, and few in number. These animalcules had diverse colours, some being whitish and transparent; others with green and very glittering little scales, others again were green in the middle, and before and behind white; others yet were ashed grey. And the motion of most of these animalcules in the water was so swift, and so various, upwards, downwards, and round about, that ’twas wonderful to see.

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Here are some of the microbiology test banks that are available at testbank4u test banks library:


Microbiology A Systems Approach by Cowan

Microbiology An Evolving Science by Slonczewski

Microbiology An Introduction by Tortora

Microbiology with Diseases by Bauman

Prescott’s Microbiology by Willey

Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective by Anderson