Yes, most test banks have answers.

Differences among editions are not majot. So buying an older edition can be still helpful to you.

No, using a test bank is not cheating. It gives you the chance to brush your knowledge on the subject and enables you to answer the questions correctly.

You don’t need any special software to read the test banks or solution manuals.

On average it costs around $29

It depends on when you make the payment.  If we are online, we will send the files immediately or else you may have to wait for a few hours.

There is no specific number of questions in the test bank. Some books have more than 300 questions, and others have just 5 or 10 questions per chapters.

You can use different secure payment processors to make your payment including PayPal. We also offer the BTC option.

They are generally available in Word, rtf, or PDF format.

Yes, there may be some changes among editions, but it is nothing major. For instance, they may change, add, or update some questions from the previous edition.

There’s no guarantee whether you will get the same questions or not. A test bank provides you with authentic questions relevant to your textbook.

There is nothing we can do about it. We don’t promise that you will get the same questions in your exams. We are only providing an authentic Test Bank that is specifically written for your textbook.

The test bank will be sent to your registered email id. In case, the file size is too big, you will be sent a download link

Yes, we do provide discounts to our regular buyers and also for bulk orders.

Test bank provides practice exam questions and answers, while a solutions manual contains answers to the exercises and problems in your textbook.

A text bank can be described as a textbook-specific chain of questions that are written by the author of the book. They cover the important parts that are discussed in each chapter.

Yes, we do provide samples to people who ask for it. Contact us with your book details and we will get back to you at the earliest.

No, you cannot ask for a refund. That’s because we didn’t promise you to get same questions in your exam.